Slow Fashion for That Girl

It’s no secret that our planet and communities are paying the price of a rogue fashion industry consumed with the latest trends, highest profit margins, and fastest means of production. We believe that incredible clothing should never come at a cost to our home nor our neighbor. That's why we use a slow-fashion approach to our pieces, making sure every step of the creation process is sustainable, ethical, and gives back.

All of our artisans are local, predominantly female entrepreneurs who are paid fairly and have good working conditions. Our pieces are built to last for years to come, and we use majority recycled, organic, nontoxic materials both in our garments and our packaging. Lastly, a portion of every sale goes directly to a marine conservation effort focus.

Our initiatives

  • Social & Economic Responsibility

    Our commitment to our artisan partners is a daily constant as we strive to better their lives through our own ever-evolving business practices.

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  • Environmental Responsibility

    A portion of the proceeds from every purchase goes directly into foundational efforts toward creating and sustaining a more inhabitable environment.

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