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Feminine energy is the most powerful force on the planet. It is life-giving and abundant. It is, in its nature, both beautiful and sustainable.

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Vanity, meet Substance.

A portion of every purchase benefits our sustainability efforts across the globe.

Our 2022 Focus benefits restoration and conservation of coral reefs. Each item purchased supports the planting of one coral.

  • Slow Fashion

    It’s no secret that our planet is paying the price for a rogue fashion industry. Incredible clothing should never come at a cost to our home.

    Our sustainability efforts 
  • Marine Conservation

    A portion of every purchase goes directly into foundational efforts toward creating and sustaining a more inhabitable environment.

    Our 2022 focus 
  • Social Responsibility

    Our commitment to our artisan partners is a daily constant as we strive to better their lives through our own ever-evolving business practices.

    Our artisan partners 
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